The former Allendale Movie House, constructed in 1913, had fallen into disrepair.  The City of Buffalo intended to make the theatre a focus of the City’s Historic Allentown District.  The design criteria for the resident Theatre of Youth Company combined historic & code guidelines, accessibility requirements and budget.

Following a thorough building condition survey, a complete restoration of the property was required.  Work included restoration of all existing ornamental plaster ceilings, rosettes, garlands and medallions.  Enhancements to the restored plaster ceiling included new cutouts for production lighting and installation of an access walkway system above the ceiling. 

The existing stage was removed, replaced and enlarged to meet today’s performing arts standards.  Structural steel framing was installed above the stage to support a new roof and production equipment.  New HVAC and electrical systems were also installed throughout the building.

Today this jewel of the Allentown District is now being discovered and enjoyed by a new generation of theatre patrons.