This facility houses several educational and community support programs. A non-mainstream high school curriculum and a work/study program, coordinated through Erie 1 BOCES, offers students from several different South Towns and Southern Tier school districts easy access to non-traditional opportunities for education.

Each of these programs occupy separate classroom ‘wings’ and share a computer/resource library, a ‘full court’ gymnasium with locker rooms and a multi-purpose cafeteria space as well as art and foreign language classrooms.

The building is divided into zones with separate entrances for day and evening activities. The property is contiguous to the main campus and was designed with provisions to provide future vehicular access for improved bus traffic onto highways.

The facility is heated and cooled via a closed loop geothermal system supported by 49 ground source wells, 300 feet deep.   This system utilizes the consistency of the earth’s geothermal temperature as a heat source or a heat sink.  When heat is required, the ground source heat pump loop absorbs heat energy from the ground.  Conversely, when cooling is required for the building, the ground source heat pump loop rejects heat to the ground.

The new building is utilized by several Districts, Erie 1 BOCES, Drug Abuse Resistance and Education (DARE), the Hamburg Youth Bureau and Family Support Services, and offers a scope of services unmatched in the area.