Trautman Associates has worked with the 83 Bryant Street Association since 2004. This circa 1928 co-op property, owned by 29 residents, is located in the historic Delaware Avenue site adjacent to the Campanile Building.

For many years the Association compromised its maintenance and capital improvement plans until serious damage occurred. To initiate a renovation process, Trautman Associates performed a “Building Condition Survey” to form a baseline of all assemblies and to prioritize systems to be addressed.

Phase I dealt with exterior masonry restoration, fire alarm system, heating controls, and electrical improvements (meter preparation) for the 29 individual apartment electrical panels.

Trautman Associates also did extensive renovation work, including removing the concrete decking at the front entrance to alleviate water ponding on the deck and leaking into the basement level of the building.

A new concrete deck, waterproof membrane and a decorative property logo completed the project work scope.