Trautman Associates is providing professional A/E services for the renovation of Wegmans’ stores located primarily in the Buffalo, New York region. Projects vary widely in scope and construction budgets can range up to $500,000. Current projects include:

  • Jamestown - electrical and plumbing services for self-checkout renovation
  • West Seneca - replacement of grease traps
  • McKinley - tempered water loop repair
  • McKinley - remove and replace trench drain in dairy department
  • Niagara Falls Boulevard - produce preparation renovations
  • Niagara Falls Boulevard - replace door wall cases in frozen food department
  • Dick Road - relocation of floral department and renovation of produce department

Work for this client requires knowledge not only of existing New York State codes and standards, but also client-specific protocols. Another unique feature is the relationships with other Wegmans A/E consultants. Trautman Associates participates in weekly client meetings where all ongoing projects are discussed and statused with a representative from each Wegmans A/E consultant. Typically considered competitors, in this environment, information and lessons learned are freely shared to the benefit of the client.