Trautman Associates maintains a long term relationship with this building's owners and is lucky enough to help them keep one of Buffalo's most prominent historic buildings looking good for years to come.


The gothic revival exterior detailing at 800 West Ferry gives the building its iconic facade, but also poses many weatherization challenges.  With brick, limestone and wrought iron detailing running up the building's 11-story mass there is much call for ongoing maintenance as the building nears 100 years old.  Our work over the past six years has focused on the reconstruction of parapet walls at the multiple terrace levels created by the building's 'wedding cake' mass.  Each floor and area of the building is unique, but typical repairs include:

  • Replacement of failed masonry
  • Repair and re-installation of limestone and wrought iron décor
  • New pedestal/paver type walking surfaces
  • New roofing and insulation
  • Addition of new copper flashing profiles
  • Select replacement of structural steel elements.

We hope that even Darwin Martin, the building's original owner and most prominent resident would be proud of the thoughtful planning and creative detailing that goes into maintaining his building.