Constructed in 1931 and 1930 respectively, the Horticulture Building and the Youth Building each have a wooden tongue and groove deck that is exposed as the finished ceiling. Trautman Associates conducted an investigation to evaluate the structural integrity and general condition of the exterior terracotta tiles and masonry walls of these buildings located on the grounds of the New York State Fair in Syracuse, New York.

 The exterior brick and terracotta walls located along the north wall of the Horticulture Building and along the east and west walls of the entrance halls showed signs of deterioration, in addition to the steel lintels supporting the brick masonry above the windows and roof. Similar deterioration to the masonry walls and steel lintels on the Youth Building was identified as needing replacement.

Parapet walls on both buildings had deteriorated flashing that was falling away from the surface, allowing water to enter the system. Vegetation was growing in several locations on the roofs and masonry joints, which caused further deterioration.

The terracotta tiles and glazed facing materials were repaired and restored and a standing seam metal roof was installed on both buildings and finished with “patina green” to match the existing metal roof and color of the adjacent buildings and terracotta detailing.