BMHA operates housing for low-income residents in the City of Buffalo and its surrounding communities under HUD’s Section 8 Housing Assistance Program, a federally-funded program. Apartment units at four of the development sites were damaged as a result of fires.

Trautman Associates was retained to provide full A/E services, including hazardous materials remediation, for restoration of the apartments listed below. Due to the pre-fire condition of these units, other repairs/renovations have been included in the scope of work to ensure the units are fully habitable upon completion.
Apartment 904, Sedita Apartments | 10-Story Building
Apartment 5E, Commodore Perry Extension, Building 305 | 8-Story Building
193 Hempstead, Kenfield Homes | Row-House Unit
Apartment 801, Monsignor Geary | Single 8-Story Building
Apartment 513, Monsignor Geary | Single 8-Story Building 

As this is a term contract, additional projects will be added at a later date.