Trautman Associates has provided design services for hundreds of roof repair/replacement projects for the New York State Office of General Services and its clients. At the Masten Avenue Armory in Buffalo, we have have provided architectural and civil/structural design for all the roofs with the exception of the barrel roof over the main building. We also designed a new roofing system as well as exterior wall repairs for the FMS #1 Cold Storage Building. 

Work involved the complete removal and replacement of the existing corrugated metal roofing with a new standing seam metal roof assembly to match the adjacent building standing metal seam roof profile.  A new metal deck, sub-base plywood sheathing, ice and water shield and all associated flashings and trim were installed.  A continuous row of snow guards were installed on the sloped roof on the west elevation. Abatement of asbestos-containing materials within the existing roofing system was also required.

We also designed and added a metal-clad soffit assembly to extend the eave on the east and west elevations with a heavy-duty gutter, down spouts and splash blocks to provide protection from possible roof leaks that usually occur when the roof edge is flush with the exterior wall.  A clad-metal soffit assembly along the roof rake on the south elevation was also added.