Timberbuilt is a well-known Western New York firm that designs and builds earth-friendly and energy-efficient timber frame homes locally and across the United States. When they discovered that the HVAC systems typically recommended by mechanical contractors were oversized for these highly energy-efficient homes, Timberbuilt tasked Trautman Associates with developing an energy analysis to improve on the mechanical design of their homes.

For each project, our architectural staff converts Timberbuilt's three-dimensional drawing into an intelligent building model that includes all the building elements (e.g., roofs, windows, walls, doors). This model is then used by our engineering staff to perform the energy analysis. Each energy analysis comes with recommendations, renewable energy breakdowns, and room-by-room load needs. We recommend systems that are the right size for each individual Timberbuilt home that are smaller, more efficient, easier to maintain, and less expensive than those typically recommended as part of a standard construction process.

Follow this link to read what Timberbuilt says about our contributions:  Energy Analysis:  Enter Trautman Associates


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Combining award-winning timberframe design and engineering with detailed energy analysis results in sustainable, high-performance homes. Thanks to our friends at Timberframe for the positive feedback!  ENERGY ANALYSIS: ENTER TRAUTMAN ASSOCIATES