Trautman Associates has provided architectural and engineering services for numerous projects for the Buffalo Public School District. The projects have run the full gamut of A/E services. Exterior services have included window/door replacement, masonry restoration, chimney reconstruction, and roof repair/replacement. Services on building interiors have included classroom and laboratory renovation, swimming pool investigation/repair, elevator repair/installation, and cafeteria and kitchen projects. At School 3, D’Youville Porter Campus School, we constructed a second and third floor addition. All of these projects made use of Trautman Associates’ engineering expertise, including mechanical, electrical, plumbing and civil/structural.

Because many of the District’s buildings were built near the turn of the 20th century, our work for the Buffalo Public Schools often involved careful consideration of the New York State Board of Historic Preservation (SHPO) guidelines.

Projects performed by Trautman Associates for the Buffalo Public Schools:

School#             Project

5 schools         Public Address System Replacement at Schools 93, 192, 195, 204 and 205
95                      Elementary Classroom Modifications
305                   Greenhouse Pony Boiler Replacement
206                   Data Closet Air Conditioning
205                   Pool Investigation
304                   New Elevator
304 & 307      Renovations to Schools 304 and 307
200                   Press Box – All High Stadium
18 & 64            Chimney Reconstruction
197                   Lab Renovations (formerly Seneca High School)
11                     Renovations (For Joint School Construction Board)
54, 66               Handicapped Accessibility Renovations

72 & 86             Handicapped Accessibility Renovations
3                          Second and Third Floor Addition
8 & 9                   Kitchens
44                        Electric, Ceiling
200                      All High Stadium