Over the course of several years, Trautman Associates worked via term contract for the General Services Administration. The projects varied widely and included several buildings across Upstate New York.

A large project in order to relocate and modernize the United States Attorney’s office suite within the Rochester Federal building was accomplished in several phases. The design work started with programming and space planning of the expanded office suite to encompass an entire floor of the building, a review of perimeter security measures, and an in-depth study of how to modernize the building’s perimeter heating and core ventilation systems. Specialized design and detailing included a ballistic rated suite perimeter, intrusion deterrence at major building HVAC pathways, shielding of certain spaces to enhance the security of communications, and a sophisticated lighting control package to accommodate unusual work hours and patterns. Following the complete renovation of the building’s 5th floor, the work continued with the construction of a vehicle resistant perimeter security solution at the building’s north side. Designed to be passive and easily navigable for allowable traffic; the wall, fencing and gate solution stops unwanted visitors. At its completion, the design created an attractive, functional, and secure place for the attorney’s and their staff.